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It’s been a while I know.. but I’ve MOVED to a better, more aligned space that encompasses ALL of my passions – not just little ramblings.

I’d love if you headed over and had a look. If you like – please join the tribe and follow along, if not, that is completely fine too. I have loved having you as my audience for my little ramblings. 🙂


Messy Chaos & Love Always 


Love for Paris

This morning I woke up, checked the news and then was given the urge to write.

As I slept in my safe and comfortable bed last night, with my husband by my side, and our cat and dog snuggled between us, as I dreamed about the future, on the other side of the world, the most heartbreaking attack on all of humanity was unfolding.

Its not that its in Paris, and its not the fact that 140 people died, but its the sadness I feel for humans as a whole. Who and what are we becoming?

David Attenbrough quoted earlier this week that’ humans are the plague on earth’, and whilst I thought that was pretty harsh at the time, I cant help but deeply reflect on that statement and what it really means this morning.

I just cannot comprehend how one human being can look another in the eye and still feel hatred and not just a little hatred but enough to have the want to end their life. To rid them of the chance to grow, to meet their soulmate, to marry their soulmate, to chase that dream to travel the world, to graduate school/university, to be at christmas dinner with their family, to see how loved they are at their next birthday.

How could you look at someone in the eye and not think about the miracle they are or wonder about their life and their family? How could you look at them and have any other feeling but hope and love for them? How could you not hope they have a good life surrounded by people they love, or that they are chasing their dreams and reaching them? How could you not feel this?

I cant help but wonder what is it that separates someone that does that from someone who can only see love in another human being. Today I question if I could have the ability to bring another human onto this planet knowing what I know and seeing what Ive seen? And mostly I wonder if David Attenborough was really right – we are the plague on earth.

Today I reflect on myself, and the areas in my life where I could be a little kinder, a little more compassionate, and a little better. How could I make a difference and stand up for the things I believe in? How could I chase my own dreams a little harder, and how can I live life to the absolute fullest since no day is ever guaranteed.

Its a tough day for Paris, but I really hope that such a tragedy can change the course of humanity a little and instead of these acts trying to divide us, that it brings everyone a little closer regardless of race or religion. It causes us to live a little harder, and love a little more, and to exercise compassion and kindness for one another.

So #fuckterrorism because I wont let any of this make me bitter, or angry because we can only really fight this with love and hope for each other.




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The excitement of Ideas.

Have you ever had an idea that just excites you, it gets you out of bed, it has you daydreaming, inspired, and when you begin to action it, it seems to just sizzle away over time?

Maybe that first bit of excitement lasts a few days, but then its like the passion disappears completely?
That is pretty much describing all of my ideas all of the time, at least for the past 3-5 years.

On the other hand, have you ever had an idea that pops into your head, and the excitement is only flickering a little, but when you begin to think about it, unpack it, dream it, envision it coming to fruition, and really working out how to go about it, that flicker turns into a flame, then a fire, then a big badass volcano where the lava really kind of sets you in flow.

That kind of flow where one idea arrives, and more just continue to enter into your mind, you begin to action them not really knowing how you will do it but it all just begins to unravel & create like the holy grail of clarity?

Ive had plenty of the first type – lets call em The Matchstick ideas, they catch alight and die quickly.
I could possibly say 90% of my previous ideas are Matchstick ideas but you know what? I really believe we have lots of Slow Cooker ideas ever day but we just aren’t in a frame of mind to listen to them.
I am no expert, but what I have learned lately is that these slow cooker ideas come in the form of a whisper, one that starts of so quiet you can barely hear it.
Maybe, its a small excitement at trying something new, or doing something differently, or a small thought around a certain topic that keeps on rearing its head. Those are the ideas that we miss. The soul tug that many successful people talk about all the time.

I think the slow cooker ideas are the best ones, the ones that start from humble beginnings, that just give enough excitement to keep you delving in, but not too much that it causes an explosion of emotion, zero sensibility & takes you into complete fantasy land far away from reality. Ideas that provide focus, and give you the gooseys as you delve further into the possibilities of that one idea.

Well over the past few weeks, I have had a slow cooker idea, its almost a revelation really, one that gives me butterflies & gets me out of bed in the morning.  It may even change the direction of life over the next year or more – who knows how it will happen, or how it will turn out, but that’s the beauty of life isn’t it?

I guess when I was told to listen to the voice that whispers – this is what it means.
The voice that gives you the daring pull in the direction you should go, even if it is taking you on a path you can’t recognise, understand and one that doesn’t look very well traveled.

Well I welcome the upheaval and hope the butterflies never stop!

Screen Shot 2014-10-31 at 1.11.06 PM


It’s obvious if you are reading this but this space has had a significant facelift!
You can totes blame Melbourne for that!!

Graffiti Tank

Ever since we moved into the city at the beginning of the year I have really started to come into my own. I have seen more growth here, than I have in the past 5 years, & my original passions, talents and creativity from when I was a child has been reignited.

I was especially creative throughout primary school, and early high-school, immersed heavily in dance and drama, and with a keen interest in art, and anything brightly coloured! However the lure to leave the creative part of myself behind and pursue academic subjects such as legal studies & biology because that was more ‘grown up’ and would get you a better ‘career’ was too strong.

Chick on wall Brighter

Melbourne or Melbs as I affectionately call it can change you or actually, its more like it strips you right down to your, original, core self. No more striving to match up to everyone elses ideals and expectations, keeping up with the Jones’s and no trying to be cool, or different because the core of your being is always cool, unique and  one-of-a-kind.

Devil Red Wall

I feel like Melbs is where all the creativity lives, the streets are oozing with old school charm, the new hipster feel and there is colour everywhere. The criss-cross of tram lines adds a little more confusion and stimulation to the already bussling city. Its an artist, or creatives dream.
If you haven’t been here, I highly recommend it. The nightlife is also pretty darn good too!

So I am curious as to if you have a dreamy city or place that has totally stripped you down to your authentic self, or given you the permission to be more you, because I would really like to travel there!

Ill leave you with my first little creative outburst – some photos of street art. I seriously love admiring the street art throughout the city & the world, so here is my first shots ever shot manually! Ha!

Happy Friyay peeps!

Screen Shot 2014-10-31 at 1.11.06 PM

Kitten streetart

Compliment Yourself

I saw this quote about a week ago, and it is now stuck firmly in my head, to replay itself over and over to remind me, that I am my own saviour and it is up to me to encourage myself.

When nobody else celebrates you,

There have been many events over the past year that have led me away from this space, and I’m not going to lie, a lot of the reasons centered around self worth, self love, and encouraging myself. Plus input from friends around the idea of blogging not being worth the time or effort.

I am sure many of you reading this can relate to some of these ideas (and I’m not the only crazy one) like “I don’t have anything of importance to share with anyone”, “I don’t have my life together so why should I share any of this yet”, “I’m no good at this”, “Nobody wants to her from me”, “I don’t have a individual topic” etc etc.


The funny thing is that I really enjoy writing, and I always have. I happily wrote essays at school, and complained about writing essays at uni whilst secretly enjoying it once I got started, and I also love serving others and sharing my own learning’s and discoveries with people I meet. However, I still stopped writing in this space because of some negative thought patterns, as well as not receiving much encouragement from people I love and care about.
It wasn’t until I saw the above quote that it got me thinking about all the things I have given up because I was waiting for approval, or encouragement from someone else, or because I was talking myself out of it with negative self talk.

Then my husband mentioned to me the other day that he had read every single one of my previous blogs, and that he was wondering why I stopped! It was then that I realised that I need to trust myself a little more, believe in my abilities and STOP listening to that nasty voice in my head that tells me I CANT DO something. Now I fully realise that we all must be our own cheerleaders, front row groupies, and in celebrating ourselves and shining our own light, we can inspire others to follow our lead. Because all leaders go first right?

So here I am, back here in this space, still on my journey to discovering who I am and trying to get it all together & ready to really share my mishaps, my success and learning on the way to discovering myself in the hope that you will be inspired to live life boldly just how we all are meant to, in our authentic self with all the stuff ups, and messiness that accompanies living.

I am totes excited about what will be coming over the next few months as well as a little scared about taking a leap and leaving it all on the table!!

I hope that you relate to even a little bit of this, I would love to hear from you!

Travel. Goals. Personal growth and ramblings.

As I sit here, on the front porch of a hostel on the northern beaches of San Diego and reflect on the past year and a half and all the changes that have been made to be here in the very place, right now, on my own and soaking in the USA summer I can’t help but feel incredibly amazed at how life can really change in the blink of an eye.

One minute I am a struggling uni student, with the pressures of going to school, paying bills, living, socialising, making friends, maintaining a long distance relationship with my partner (now hubby) and wondering when the anxiety, struggle, and pressure will release from my shoulders, now to a confident, happy, excited, driven, passionate individual with such incredible freedom and only a view of more to come.


I come off the back of an incredible conference where I am recognised for changing hundreds of peoples lives and showing them how to live a life of freedom, say stick it to the status quo and create your own boundaries (truth is… there isn’t any 😉 )

It is actually all a little much to handle right now… sometimes I wonder how this could actually be my life and the thing is I KNOW it is only getting better from here on in. You know what tho? its in this journey I know it hasn’t got anything to do with me. I’m here to inspire, coach and show other young people who have similar problems to what I had, to show them that this is also possible for them. infinite possibilities and empowerment is my vision for everyone.



It’s about creating a team of young individuals who believe what I do… That everyone deserves the freedom to design their own lives, and follow their dreams and passions and to be free from jobs that pay a pittance and dont light you up.
I seriously believe that if we could put and abundance of wealth in the youth of today that we together could seriously make a huge impact in the world and in the issues we see today.

Yesterday we went to Mexico and it was there I saw the poverty, the struggle the heartache on peoples faces. I thought to myself “If only I could put wealth into the youth of this city and show them how to grow themselves, to create abundant wealth and how that alone could change even the poorest of families in that region”. After all it is the youth, the 18-35 year olds that are going to change the world… why not give them the wealth to do it? (Mexico ill be back and speaking Spanish).



The homeless man on the street doesn’t want a bandaid, he wants to be self sufficient, to be taught how to stand on his own two feet, and feel like he/she did it on their own. To show them how to be entrepreneurial and grow themselves to change their situation, a bandaid inst going to fix anything, it just covers up the wound for a while while it tries to heal & if it doesn’t heal then its still there, covered up. 

You know what else hurts? To see SO many young people on my facebook feed who have been granted the absolute blessing of being born into a first world country family with an absolute abundance of opportunity and not even trying to do anything with it. That hurts. Seeing them post photos of places they would like to travel to, places to go and not EVER going there!! You know what? ITS NOT COOL.
The money excuse, the I can’t excuse, it just doesn’t fly with me. It’s ALL a choice!! If my friends adopted daughter from a third world country can supply a 5 year life plan to her adopted mother and work to make it come to fruition then any person born into a first world country can find the opportunity that can create their dreams into reality and work hard at it.

I was one of those people who said I cant, we can’t afford it blah blah, but then I decided to take a chance and do something about it, and change my mindset, and before anyone judges with the oh “it’s different for her”, or “yeah your so lucky” etc etc insert some judgmental quote just know I didn’t come from a wealthy family, I had to work hard for my grades at school and I had my own suite of struggles that I needed to over come.

So I guess the beginning of this trip overseas has seen more growth in me than I ever expected. It has fueled my passionate fire more than I ever planned and it’s my wish for you that you at some point in your life decide that the “story” in your head of how life is mean’t to go is all a lie and the possibilities for you to have everything you ever wanted and contribute and experiene immense fulfillment is all completely attainable, true, and waiting for you to say yes.

With love Niche.


That Facebook Like button, Thumbs up emoticon & Mindful Connection

This is something that has both fascinated me, and irked me for a little while and the funny thing is I am guilty of this too!

It’s got to do with that Facebook LIKE button, that new little thumbs up emoticon and mindful connections.

Its a scientific, social and researched fact that people want to be part of something bigger than themselves. Hence the success of Facebook in the first place!
People want to feel part of something, they want to be heard, visible and seen, and we certainly want to connect with people mindfully. To have those deep connections where we are transparent, honest, and authentically ourselves.

Then its also a scientific fact that true connection, authentic, compassionate and strong connections can be made between people online. Some people have gone so far to say in recent research that people are MORE happy with their relationships online!

So, lets think about the conversations that happen when you are on the plane with the person beside you. Some of the most authentic, honest, compassionate and deep conversations have happened between me and the person that the universe sat beside me. Why is that?

Is it because we are high in the sky, is it because we dont have a choice to chat with them or is it because when you are strapped in a seat 30 thousand feet in the air that we are equal. That we all have the same seat, the same meal choices, the same amount of space and we have to share the same armrest. I really believe its the latter.

You know, there is no ego when you fly, you are both secretly hoping the plane stays in the sky, that you arrive safely and that there isnt too much turbulence. Right?

So, why is it that these conversations are few and far between when you hit land?
Why is it that its considered okay to just click that freaking LIKE button and move on, without comment, without connection and without a further thought? Why is it that even when someone posts something terrible that has happened to them, maybe they are hospitalised, maybe their mother died, their dog died, or maybe they lost their job or partner that people think its okay to LIKE the post. Seriously is there anything to like about that? It’s almost ironic really.

Then we have that silly (stupid if you ask me) little thumbs up emoticon, you can use it in Facebook messenger and you can use it in texts now too!! I think its so silly because it doesn’t really say anything except.. I don’t really care about this, I don’t want to answer this, or ok. There is no depth to this little picture, and no connection. Its the perfect way to tell someone you aren’t present in the conversation, and you aren’t connected.

So why is it that people want to feel connected, but then are using these silly little ways to prevent a mindful connection from happening.

So if mindful connection is what we all want then why don’t we set a challenge to stop using that LIKE button and actually comment, message or GASP call, and remove that little thumbs up from our texts and messengers and connect with someone properly, with authenticity, care and be present for a WHOLE WEEK and see the difference it has made!

Lets report back our findings after this whole week and see what a change this has made to our relationships online, and our happiness. My hypothesis is that this will drastically change our relationships, and create more of a community within your online space.

Hashtag the #mindfulconnectionchallenge and maybe even nominate a few people to join in with you. You can change the world with a single action repeated over and over again!

What do you think?


connection-quotes funny-smartphone-quote


Since I was a little girl and even now to this day I regularly get told how cute I am, or I would be told that I am pretty, or that I’m just ‘average‘ and I would be lying if I said that these little things haven’t plagued my mind over the past couple of years. Always analysing, feeding that people pleasing instinct that is so ingrained (although I’m proud to say I am working on it). You know because defining beauty is such a dangerous practice.

I feel that so much emphasis is put on what you look-like and very little on what you feel like and that there is also emphasis put on being intelligent and you are pretty often judged on how SMART somebody thinks you are.

I have written about this body image thing before. The thigh gap, the bikini bridge and the way shows like the biggest loser plays on your insecurity. I grew up thinking that I was somewhat intelligent but was always going to be fat, whilst my sister grew up thinking she would be skinny and not smart. The funny thing is about this is that it was almost right. Almost.

However, my sister is about to complete her degree as I have, and I did grow up a little ‘bigger’ and my sister a little ‘smaller’ but it doesn’t really matter because I have learned that you are NOT your story. Unfortunately though, this doesnt change the levels of body hate we see in young girls, or the advertising we are bombarded with every single day or the oppression that we see in in people from other races.

For those of you that have been to Thailand or an Asian country and have walked into a cosmetics store, know what I mean! All of those creams to make their skin appear “whiter”. I always wondered why they would want to change their skin colour, because I always found them so beautiful. Though today… I get it a little more after watching this brave, fearless and honest video from a model.

It can seem a little hypocritical though I would talk about this, being involved in the health field however, I have always really worked from a place of getting people to love their bodies, and to get the inside right and the outside will just fall into place.. but I would certainly be lying if I said I never got caught up in body shaming, hating my self, and the superficial parts of fashion.

It is very hard to strike a balance between being sucked in, and enjoying being creative with what you wear.

If you do anything today, watch this video. If it changes your thinking just a little, then my job is done.


Happy Weekend. Be a little kinder to yourself.


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Free Yourself

So it’s Friday I know that. I’m not totally stuck in my own world. Because its Friday you are all probably hoping ill post some YAY its Friday meme, or some sort TGIF blog post. Am I right? 

Well your all outta luck!

Haters Gonna Hate 2

I have a few questions, because I am just a little curious. I am passionately curious about people, how they work, what makes everyone tick, and I know the subject of work is horrendously ‘touchy’ so please forgive me……but……

Has it ever occurred to you that this being normal and working business is a pretty shitty deal? That working for 40 hours per week until we are 70 is kinda a rip off? I mean spending on average 86,400 hours of your precious miracle of a life at WORK is kinda of a raw deal yeah (and that doesn’t include the hours spent doing overtime or commuting & yes it is that much)? Because another big chunk of our life is spent sleeping, and then we have this teeny tiny little bit that we can use to develop our talents, build stuff, create and innovate, fuel our passions and change the world right? (maybe that’s why we don’t have teleporters yet!) Plus heaps of people don’t even make it to 70 years old because our health isn’t really ideal (but that’s a whole other discussion)!

So has it ever occurred to you, that maybe, just maybe we are getting royally ripped off. That this situation of ‘normal’ is more of a rip of than those future music tickets you bought last year?

The thing is. It had ‘occurred’ to me years ago that this was shitty, and I was well known on Monday mornings for being the person wanting to meet the person that developed the work week and giving them a swift piece of my mind and slap some sense into them. Following that though I decided that maybe it was my job I hated and not the Monday morning. So I swiftly quit my job in good ol life insurance to go and pursue a career in veterinary science – starting with Uni. However, it wasn’t too long into that I started to wonder in that HECS debt was really worth the heartache and if it really would pay off in the long term like everyone said.

Then I was shown something from a friend, and my life has NEVER EVER been the same again. I chose the other path. The path I never even knew existed. The path that looked ‘too good to be true’, and I still think that some days when I get out of bed at 11am, or jump on that plane to travel somewhere. So I guess what I really want to know is if I thought about there being some other way long before I knew, have you? Are you still looking? What if? Because I and many other young peeps around the traps have found something Saaaaaaa cool that even those tazos and reebok kicks from the 90’s aint got nothing on this.

This thing. The ‘other’ path. The coolest thang everrrr has created a movement of young people just. like. you. Young people who dream big, who have those big plans of improving and contributing to the world who are prepared to take a different route, discover themselves and change the world as we all know it one gen yer at a time. A movement of people who aren’t satisfied playing the TGI Friday game. These people are in the TGI Alive game, and are about living life, every single moment and they are grateful for errythangggg. They understand what a GIFT they are, what a miracle they are (Did you know the odds of you being born are 1: 400 TRILLION?) and they understand that this life thing actually has nothing to do with them. Its about a higher purpose, THEIR individual purpose, what they were put on this planet to do! I’m also not saying that all of them know what their purpose is, but they are committed to finding it, to making a difference, to stop playing small and contribute in big big biiiiiggggg ways.

These people decided that they wouldn’t wait for someone else or society to set them free. These kids decided they would FREE THEMSELVES.
They live in awe. They live in gratitude. They live in celebration and joy – always. They are the open minded, the optimistic, the go-getters, the givers, the rebels and the free spirited.

So has it ever occurred to you that you could be one of them too, and that you in fact could live everyday like it was Friday, that Monday is a gift too, that not every day is promised and that all you had to do was decide to free yourself?

If you have given this thought.. just know there is another way I am proof and there are MANY more.

With Love always Niche xxx






Recently I have become super interested in how different people receive all of their good ideas. We all get thousands of ideas every single day, some we action but most are left to just flow back to the place they came from and never resurface. How do your ideas come to pass? Are they in the shower, when your trying to sleep, when you are driving?

For me, my ideas are always really inconvenient. Whilst driving, in the middle of a movie, when I am just about to pass out to sleep for the night and when I am mid conversation. It is actually hilarious the situations my best ideas have come from & it has been difficult to write them down, or action them.



Its true that all the best inventions, innovations and dreams are found in the graveyard. Think about it. How many ideas have you put to action in the past week?

I watched this TED talk which discussed ideas, how they surface and why we tend to ignore them.

You can check it out here:

This video has left me permanently changed when it comes to the way I deal with any type of creativity & before this video I thought I was not at all creative or innovative. Pretty hilarious to think about it now.

So how do your ideas come to pass, do you action more than those you don’t & where have you come up with some of your best ideas?

ideaquote-Thomas-More-an-absolutely-new-idea-is-one-of-44236 ideasticky-quotes_052312_nothing-else-in-the-world-is-as-powerful-as-an-idea-whose-time-has-come

I find it fascinating to think what the world could be like if we all accepted our creativity and put our ideas to action. Yeah you know those apps you think about creating and then ditch, well I think some of those could be super helpful. 🙂